The Team at Left Coast Exteriors is Flat Out Different

The team at Left Coast Exteriors is flat out different. As any consumer who is shopping home improvement companies can tell you, this industry is full of businesses that claim to be the best. We won’t make any crazy unsubstantiated claims. Instead we will focus on the actuality of what separates us from the rest. Working with Left Coast means that at any point of your renovation project you will have a partner who is transparent and clear with what to expect. We understand that home improvements can be a stressful endeavor, and that is why we are predicated on ensuring that we make it as easy on the customer as humanly possible. All while providing our clients with a superior level of quality craftsmanship and unparalleled communication. If you are looking for the run around and lip service go with the other guys, but if true customer service and quality work are important to you and your family, give us a call!


Just A Few People Who Make Up Our Team

Team One

Cory Goldman

Team Two

Diana Blaine
General Manager

Team Three

Ron Oden II
Certified Project Specialist

Team Four

Karl Morris
Certified Project Specialist

Team Five

Dee Sims
Certified Project Specialist

Team Six

Chuck Boger
Marketing Manager

Team Seven

Molly Jackson
Field Marketing Team

Team Eight

Sami Stallman
Field Marketing Team

Team Nine

Johnny Fairchild
Digital Representations Manager

Left Coast Exteriors

  • 12308 NE 56th St #1504
    Vancouver WA 98682
  • (360) 605-1481
  • M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm