Spring Exterior Home Maintenance

Most homeowners are rejoicing this time of year because the longer days and warmer weather in the pacific northwest are inviting factors to start enjoying the outdoors. The sound of lawnmowers and the smell of BBQ are pleasant signs of the season and considering the uncertainty we have faced the last year, it is especially joyful right now. While you are out getting your yard in order this year we wanted to highlight a few additional components that could use a little attention to avoid major catastrophes in the future.

Gutter Inspection – While it is safe to say that gutter maintenance isn’t traditionally at the forefront of our minds, anyone who has had complications with the irrigation that a smooth gutter system provides can tell you, it is crucial. Visually inspecting your system can tell you whether or not you are due for further service.

Roof Check-Up: Depending on the accessibility of your roof, this can be as simple as visually inspecting the condition of the shingles on your home. If you notice any sort of discoloration, organic growth, or granule loss, it can be a warning sign that your roofing system is not performing at 100 percent. If you are able to identify any of these issues, or you just aren’t sure, we suggest contacting a professional to come out and discuss the state of your home.

The Beauty Of Your Home Is Our Priority

It goes without saying that a home renovation project usually provides some functional purposes. A new roof or siding can go along way to protect you and your family from the elements, and replacing your windows can have a positive impact on your energy bill. A sometimes forgotten aspect of a quality home renovation projectContinue reading “The Beauty Of Your Home Is Our Priority”

Are You Fall Ready?

One look outside is all it takes to recognize that we have officially entered Autumn! Besides pulling down the Halloween decorations and zipping up your hoodies, you should have a few more to-dos now that the leaves have begun to fall. First and foremost, you should think about prepping your home for the upcoming rainyContinue reading “Are You Fall Ready?”

How Do I Know When It’s Time To Have My Roof Inspected?

Roof maintenance is an often overlooked chore of being a homeowner. Realistically we don’t spend a lot of time on the roof, and this can lead us to neglect an incredibly important component of the home. The team at Left Coast wants to provide you with a few vital signs that may be an indicatorContinue reading “How Do I Know When It’s Time To Have My Roof Inspected?”

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