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Is your Home Ready for Fall?

One look outside is all it takes to recognize that we have officially entered Autumn! Besides pulling down the Halloween decorations and zipping up your hoodies, you should have a few more to-dos now that the leaves have begun to fall. First and foremost, you should think about prepping your home for the upcoming rainy and cold season. There are few worse situations than a catastrophe in the dead of winter that could have been avoided with some preventative maintenance. A simple way to develop some peace of mind going into this season this is to have one of the Left Coast Certified Specialists come out to your home and provide a free assessment of your home’s exterior condition. Our trained professionals will inspect your homes roof, window and siding for any trouble signs and can inform you on specific areas to be mindful of for the upcoming months. Our friendly and personable staff will ensure that your home is ready for anything that mother nature may throw at us over the next few months and provide you with options in case you have any problem areas. Just remember, Top to Bottom, Start to Finish, Left Coast has you Covered!

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Is your Home Ready for Fall?

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